frequently asked questions

1. Who is

Founded in 1996, we are the oldest most established luxury real estate video service provider in the U.S. and around the world. We primarily produce high-end video productions for luxury real estate that is for sale, rent or development and we distribute these productions on the internet.

2. What do you mean by video production?

A professionally shot, edited & mastered video production that is designed to sell your luxury home or other luxury asset. Imagine having a broadcast quality HD/4k video production of your home, condo, development, island, hotel, business, yacht, jet or just about any other luxury property that discriminating consumers buy, sell or rent.

3. Why do I need a video production?

Because in today's world, high end buyers and sellers can be located anywhere on the globe and there is no better way of presenting your luxury home than with a full color, full motion HD/4k video presentation that allows a buyer a complete and thorough preview of a property.


4. How can I use the video?

Well, it's a YouTube generation!!! The world is addicted to video content. Whether choosing what movie to go see, or how to make a flan, what car to buy, or how to use your phone, video is used by millions to research, evaluate and ultimately decide on what to buy. With a video, you can easily market your property by emailing, embedding, socializing and promoting the video link to potential buyers all over the world! If your client is a little "old school" or needs to make a decision by committee, you can mail a full resolution DVD that can be viewed on their large LED screen while sitting in the comfort of their home or boardroom.


5. I read on your homepage that video helps with Google rankings... does it really?

Google is the #1 search engine in the world! YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world. Google owns YouTube and a significant amount of Google's revenue comes from YouTube ads. Furthermore, a Forrester study reported that "pages with video are 53x more likely to rank on the first page of Google search results". The fact is that Google updated its search algorithms to prioritize video results and continues to tweak and enhance that system which has become completely video-centric.


6. Are you saying that my marketing strategy should focus on integrating video?

ABSOLUTELY!!! Not just because we are in the video business and that we have been preaching the power of video for over 20 years, the facts are the facts. Google prioritizes "quality video content" over keyword optimization. Focusing on creating video content as your primary Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy only makes perfect sense.


7. I am a Real Estate agent... what should I do?

Here is a simple prescription for an agent video strategy-

a. Create a YouTube Channel. But before you do, consult with us for guidance.

b. Produce a 1-2 minute "Agent Promo Video"

c. Produce  "Real Estate Videos" of your all your listings.

d. Produce a monthly "VideoBlog" with information that is relevant and valuable to your market.

e. If you can afford it, produce an occasional "Testimonial" video featuring your satisfied clients.

f. Upload all your videos to your YouTube channel.

g. Embed these videos on your personal website and more importantly at the very top  of your homepage.


8. I am a real estate company... what should we do?

Here is a simple prescription for any size real estate company-

a. Create a YouTube Channel. But before you do, consult with us for guidance

b. Produce a 2-3 minute company promotional film.

c. Create a video directory of all your agents featuring 30 second personal introductions ("AgentMessage"). 

d. Produce "Lifestyle Area Tours"of the neighborhoods you specialize in.

e. Adopt a policy of producing "Real Estate Videos" of all your agents listings.

f. Produce a monthly CEO "VideoBlog" with information that is relevant to your market.

g. Create a "Testimonial" gallery featuring videos of your satisfied clients.

h. Upload all your videos to your YouTube channel.

i. Embed these videos on the company website, and more importantly, at the very top of the company homepage.

j. Include and promote your use of video in all your print and social media advertising. Teach and encourage all your agents to promote and embed the videos in their marketing.


9. Can I use it on Facebook or on other Social Media platforms?

Yes of course! Upload, link or embed your video in seconds! You can also use it on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat or any other social media platform. We include a short "Teaser" video with every job that is designed for this specific application.

10. Is this the same thing as 360 degree virtual tour?

No! While other so-called "Virtual/Video Tours" claim to be video, they are actually the same photos taken which are automatically stitched together with software. The end result often distorts the pictures, bores the viewer, and does nothing to help sell your property. Our tours are real broadcast quality HD/4k videos, custom shot and edited into a professional sales presentation that promotes your property and its best attributes. Trees will sway in the breeze, the pools will sparkle, and the rays of light will dance as we move from room to room!

11. I just received the link to a virtual tour produced by another company but it does not compare to what I see on this site.

You're right! There is no comparison. Once again, other popular tour providers produce automated & photo based simulations (slideshow) while ours are custom crafted works of art that actually entice & motivate a buyer. Our videos capture the essence of the property and are second best to being there. 


12. Why doesn't it compare?

The key is to produce a quality video that answers the question being asked. The Google algorithm Hummingbird actually knows how to differentiate and promote "quality videos" and the pages they appear on. It can detect and score the length of time a visitor watches a video along with a matrix of additional criteria which once again favors video. Simply generating a video file from a group of pictures will not affect your rankings favorably. Investing in a properly produced video will undoubtedly impact your search results and ultimately the popularity of your site.


13. You haven't mentioned photos? Do you also shoot photos?

Of course. 90% of the services sold are Photo/Video Bundles that allow you to set one appointment where we acquire all the professional images you need to market your property. Our photography is award-winning and has been featured in countless publications.


14. How about drone videos?

We have some of the most extensive Real Estate related aerial experience in the business. We offer Aerial Drone Photos and Videos as an option to our standard productions as well as offer a Standalone Aerial Package that we recommend for lots, land and construction sites. We believe that aerial footage should be limited to a couple of shots (5-10%) of a properly produced video and not be a drone only video. Watching 2-3 minutes of a roof does little to sell a home.


15. How long does it take?

The shoot itself normally takes between 1-2 hours for an average size home. You will receive the photography within 48 hours and the video between 5-7 business days from the day of the shoot.


16. How do I book a job?

Its simple. Just select the service that best suits your property, enter all the relevant information, appointment date and any options you need. Go to check out, pay and you are all set. You will receive a confirmation email and phone call. Thats it!!


17. Options?

Everybody needs options! Aerial footage from our team of seasoned drone pilots, voiceover, sunset shots and much more! Add options to enhance your production. 


18. Do I have to pay when I place the order?

All our services are prepaid via credit card. 


19. Are your services guaranteed?

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed to exceed your expectations.


20. What is your cancellation policy?

no penalty for appointments canceled 48 hours in advance.

$20 penalty for appointments canceled between 24-48 hours.

$50 penalty for appointments canceled less than 24 hours in advance.

$75 penalty for appointments canceled the same day.



21. How about if it's raining or there is a storm?

If it is raining or there is a storm, we will gladly reschedule for the next available appointment at no charge. However, cloudy or overcast conditions are not considered a reasonable cause for rescheduling and will incur a $75 fee. *This fee also applies to any other reason that we are forced to reschedule.


22. Is your staff punctual?

We respect your time and more importantly your client's time. We do are best to always be on time! Furthermore, we are always presentable, discreet and professional. While we provide services across the range of listings, we were born and raised in the luxury market and our core values revolve around ethics and etiquette. We are dedicated to enhancing your brand and that of your company.


23. Why and not my local photographer who now offers videos?

A lot comes with 20 years shooting the most desirable properties in the world. We haven't just shot 20 videos or 100 videos. Today we have thousands of videos successfully produced. More importantly, we are directly led by a director of commercials who produces tv commercials and corporate films for many Fortune 500 and 100 companies. The exposure to working with some of the best talent in the world allows us to always stay in the forefront of technology but with the breath and experience of traditional cinematic filmmaking. This ensures the finish, elegance and consistency of all your productions. Plus, we know a thing or two about the internet and how SEO works. Trying to put video online in the late nineties gave us an insight on how it all works.


24. I am a new client. Do you have any incentives to get me started?

Yes! Go to the bottom of this page and subscribe to our mailing list and you will receive an immediate discount code to use on your first order.


25. I am a top producer in my market and I want you to shoot all my listings with Can I get a discount?

We offer several programs for agents who would like to take advantage of using videos in their marketing. Call us direct at 786-529-REEL (7335) or email us to discuss a program that best fits your needs.


26. We are a real estate company and want to produce a corporate video along with videos of our agent's listings. Can we set an appointment to discuss our needs?

Sure, call 786-529-REEL (7335) or email us and we will schedule a meeting at your office to discuss your project and long-term video marketing goals. 


27. On what websites will the property video be showcased?

Besides Google, Google and more Google... YouTube, vimeo,, google,, Bing, Digital Cities, Compuserve, Airbnb, Vrbo, Homeway, Netscape, MSN, Wall Street Journal, Chicago Sun Times, Daily Herald, Excite,, United Online,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and

28. Are videos good for vacation rentals?

ABSOLUTELY! If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine a video. Vacationers are looking for that one push that makes them feel comfortable that they are making the best choice of where to stay on their vacation. The video helps them decide and commit with confidence. It gives them the sense that they are getting the whole picture and not just the few good shots. No one wants to gamble or take a risk on choosing the wrong place for their well-deserved vacation. WIth a video, it's a safe bet and you get what you see.


29. Are the videos compatible with Airbnb, VRBO or HomeAway?

100% compatibility! By the way, Airbnb, VRBO and HomeAway all report statistics showing increased traffic and bookings on listings which feature video.


30. I own a couple of vacation rental properties in the Caribbean. Do you offer service there?

Yes. We have affiliated photographers/videographers in certain markets but because our headquarters are conveniently located in Miami, we have easy access to the world.


31. Is there an additional fee for travel?

Yes. If we have to travel to a destination that is out of our standard service areas, a nominal fee will be charged for extra travel time. Extended drive time, flights, lodging and food are additional but we recommend that you shoot several properties at a time to spread that cost across all the jobs. Many clients in an area or island often book our services together to lessen the travel cost. Note- Any and all additional fees are actual and not inflated.


32. What about privacy and security?

We all know that having your home on the market inevitably imposes on your privacy. You are going to have to open up your home for a showing on a Saturday morning... you have to get up early, race around, clean up, move the kids and crate the dog to get it ready. With a video, you can allow people to preview the home with a very thorough presentation. If they see the video and then schedule a showing, at least you know you are jumping through hoops for a serious candidate. If you are security conscious, keep in mind, we can eliminate any part of the home you don't want to show and it's much preferred to have a stranger preview the video than actually enter your home. You can even have your tour password protected if you prefer not to have it uploaded to our network of websites.


33. Is this good for Insurance Purposes?

All the leading insurance companies suggest having a full inventory of your home on video. It's the best way to protect your property, not just the structure you live in but the possessions inside. You've worked hard to make your house your home from your collections of fine furnishings, antiques and works of art and any renovations you've made since you moved in. Hurricanes, fire and theft are all a reality of life. With a professionally produced inventory video, you know your primary asset, along with its contents, are accounted for if they ever need to be replaced. Our inventory videos are produced with that function in mind and therefore are more thorough than our normal videos. 


34. I have a question you haven't addressed. Can I submit a question?

Sure, email us at-