Real Estate Video for 8000-10k sq. ft.

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Your property is scheduled for a 4 hr. appointment with a professional photographer/videographer that will acquire all the images necessary to deliver an incredible cinematic film that showcases your property. Your video is then custom edited into a broadcast quality commercial of your property featuring real cinematic 4k video images of the complete home. Your film production is complimented with music, titles and a proprietary compression process that optimizes your film for html5 compliance, fluid playback and the very best resolution and color.

This is for properties between 8000 and 10,000 square feet and is ideal for ultra luxury homes.


  1. 3 minute High-Definition Video Production
  2. Cinematic production value includes- Fluid Tripod, Slider and Stabilizer
  3. Licensed Music & Title Pages
  4. Includes 3 Versions- 
    Main version with agent branding
    Social Media Version- 15 second teaser with agent branding
    MLS/IDX compliant version with no branding