Video Brochure Black

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Our new Video Brochure/HD Video Player in luxurious matte black. This package, in a coated matte finish, encompasses a HD resolution 4.3" video screen that instantly plays your video when you open it. It will hold a 3-4 minute video and is fully rechargeable.

In today's world, why would you want a Video Brochure when you can go to youtube on your phone? How many times are you sent a link or given a USB drive for you to look at a video or project? How many times do you forget to look at it or you simply lose track of it? This is truly the ultimate brochure for luxury homes, developments and agents... the immediacy and the impact of this product significantly takes your marketing and personal branding to another level.

We have made the branded Video Brochures available in 10 packs so that you can distribute the video of your new listing to your VIP list but we can design and manufacture a custom branded version for your visceral assault on your market.